About the Web Designers Review of Books

The Web Designers’ Review of Books, started officially in 2010, posts reviews of books on CSS, HTML, Javascript, JQuery, typography, layout and design, designers, content management systems, search engine optimization, usability, and more.

The amount of information available online to web designers and developers is overwhelming. Separating the tasty wheat (CSS Sprites) from the messy chaff (101 CSS Techniques of All Time) can be a daunting task. That is one reason I find books on web design so comforting. Because publishing a book requires a lot more time and resources than throwing up a Wordpress blog and hiring some monkey to scour the internet for links, at least you know someone has put thought and effort into the endeavor, and a whole series of people thought the thing was worth publishing.

Of course, there are still horrible, mediocre, and excellent design and coding books, and many many to choose from. The purpose of this site is to help other designers decide where to spend their hard-earned money.